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Australia Dog Behaviour

Dog Behavioural therapists cater from breaking an annoying habit, to deep doggie depression.

Many dog behaviour problems are the direct result of how they have interacted with humans in the past. Whether your dog is naturally passive, insecure or aggressive, they will benefit from a balanced training program, with professional assistance. See the Australia Dog Training for a list of dog trainers by state.

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PetConnect uses ground breaking research into canine behavior and psychology to help you enjoy your canine friend(s) even more and make your dog training easier, with the Canine Behaviour Type Index.

Anxiety problems are the most common illnesses in dogs, and anti-depressant medications may be prescribed by a therapist.

A consultation with a behavioural therapist may involve a lengthy session, producing a behaviour plan and followups.

There are many therapeutic toys on the market, but one of the best therapies for your dog is a regular walk.