Dog Accessories

When you have your basic food, health, and sleeping arrangements made, you can have fun choosing from a wide range of dog accessories.

Dog Tags

In today's mobile society, there isn't enough room on a dog collar to contain all your contact details. FamilySafety runs the Pet Finder system that gives you a tag for your dog, with the id for a voicemail# that contains EVERY method of contacting you. Whoever finds your dog can ring a free 1800 number, enter your voicemail# and listen to the best way to contact you. Address, mobile, phone, work, neighbour, vet, allergy information can all be recorded. You can even move house and not need a new tag. US only.

Dog Collars and Leashes

PETsMART has pages and pages of collars and leads. From camouflage, to glow-in-the-dark, super-strong, extra-wide, soft-and-gentle, waterproof and lighted, flashing, studded, embossed, patterned, cotton, nylon, leather, chain: - they have them all, and are extremely handsome.

Dog Bowls

dog bowl by Fenix FenixResearch produces fully vitrified high fire porcelain designer dog bowls. They will happily deliver US and internationally and are based in California.

Dog Toys

has a great range of toys for your dog, including gift packs specially customised for each breed. Stuffed toys, tough toys, snack toys and dental toys. A great range for international buyers.