Dog Health

Of course the best thing for your dog's health is for him to spend lots of time with you, playing and going for nice long walks.

Dog Stress and Anxiety

Dogs can suffer stress and anxiety just like people.
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SRS Reflexology. Reflexology is an ancient technique for relaxation, pain relief, increased energy, and balancing. It is easily learned by everyone. Once your dogs know what you are doing (and you do also) they will love it.

Diets, Supplements and Medications

The top-selling products at PETsMART are typically vitamins, supplements, flea and tick control products.


There are two types of worms dangerous to dogs: heartworm and intestinal worms.

Heartworm is spread by mosquito bites. It can be fatal as the adult worm affects the heart. Symptoms may not be obvious until the disease has already affected the heart. Mosquito-prone areas need to be vigilant about taking medicine regularly.

Intestinal worms can be tapeworms, whipworms, hookworms or roundworms. Fleas can spread tapeworm, so controlling fleas is essential. Avoid raw offal which can transmit tapeworm. They cause problems by interfering with the absorption of nutrients.

To combat these nasty critters:


Fleas are annoying for several reasons:

You can control fleas on your dog by either: shampoos, sprays, dips, spot ons, collars, powders and oral products.

You also need to control your dogs environment. He is more likely to catch fleas from his surroundings than other dogs. Fumigate your yard when you go away, treat your house monthly during summer, use sprays for under furniture or kennels, vacuum before spraying, treat bedding weekly, use an outdoor surface spray in shaded, protected areas where your dog rests.


The paralysis tick lives in native wildlife in coastal regions, and is most common during summer.

During tick season, inspect your dog's coat at the end of each day. You can remove them with your fingers, or the vet can supply products that will kill them.

Symptoms of ticks include lethargy, weak hind legs, vomiting and increased respiratory rate. Tick paralysis is progressive and can be fatal, so get your dog to the vet as soon as possible.

Other Illnesses

Dogs can suffer from disease and illness just like people. Arthritis, ear-infections, cancer, hearing loss, diabetes, heart disease and more. Ensure your dog has a nutritionally balanced diet, at least yearly checkups at the vet, and consider taking out dog insurance.