Dog Kennels

PETsMART has a wide range of dog kennels, from ready-made to build-it-yourself.

Dog Houses

Your dog deserves a safe, dry, comfortable place to sleep in each night, protected from the worst of summer heat, winter cold, blowing winds and dust. It becomes a place of his own, where he can hide, if he needs.

He may not always choose to use it - my dog prefers to sleep outdoors during summer, so we provide him with an open basket beside the back door for warm nights. But in winter he loves his blankets, cushions and cosy doghouse.

Doghouses are generally made from either wood or plastic. For both materials, ensure they are rated for insulation and weather-proofing, and how long they are guaranteed. Plastic houses are generally easier to clean and disinfect.

Your dog's house should be large enough for him to enter easily, and turn around once inside. Look for a vent, to allow cross ventilation.

Consider the bedding to go inside. Bedding should be regularly aired, washed, and treated for fleas.

All dog kennels, houses, portable homes, cages and carriers obviously come in different sizes to match your dog. Make sure you know how your fully-grown dog is classified - as toy/small/medium or large, and buy the appropriate sized home for your dog.

Dog Kennels and Pens

Dog kennels, or activity pens, are typically large wire structures with tall sides, and optional roofing to protect against rain and snow. They should be pegged down for safety. A typical wire kennel would be around 10 foot long, and allows your dog to exercise within a restricted area.

Portable Dog Homes

A portable dog home can be useful for travelling, or when you want your dog to sleep inside. Often made of polyester, mesh and PVC for waterproofing, these collapse down to a small footprint.

Cages, Crates and Carriers

A crate is basically a wire cage. They may look cruel, but are quite humane, and have many practical uses. A dog may become fond of his crate, as a special place for him to retreat to. Getting your dog used to a crate is invaluable if you plan to take him travelling in a car or plane. It can also be one more thing to remind him of home, if you use it during travels.

Crates are generally collapsible, for easy storage. It should have a removable tray, or grid at the bottom for easy cleaning. You should also include a soft pad and toy, to make your dog more comfortable.

Using a crate inside is one way of letting your dog hang out with the family, without being in danger of destroying precious things.

As dogs do not like to go to the toilet where they sleep, it is a useful tool during toilet training, as you can teach him to relieve himself outdoors when he has been released from the crate.

The correct-sized crate should be high enough for your adult dog to stand normally, and long and wide enough for him to stretch normally. If your puppy feels uncomfortable in an adult-sized crate, use divider panels to reduce the available size.

A plastic crate, or carrier, often has solid sides. This will obviously restrict your dogs view, which can be useful during car travel if he is the type to get over stimulated.