Dog Names

Popular dog names change over time. Kids often choose a dog's name based on current movies and cartoons - such as our labrador, partially inspired by Rugrats, but also because an acquaintance had just named their dog Spike.

The Dog Name you choose will say a lot about you. Whether you see your dog as a friend, workdog, showdog or guarddog, try to choose a name that suits him or her.

The top dog names in the US, UK and Australia recently were:

Male Female Male Female Male Female
Max Molly Max Maggie Max Jessie
Charlie Holly Jake Molly Sam Molly
Ben Rosie BuddyLady Jack Chloe
Jake Poppy BearSadie Jake Bonnie
Jack Ellie BaileyLucy Toby Lucy
Buster Tess ShadowDaisy Oscar Sasha
Toby Meg SamBrandy Charlie Sally
Jasper Bonnie LuckyGinger Jess Tess
Oscar Daisy RockyAbby Zac Daisy
Buster Sasha Monty Zoe

Things to take into consideration when choosing dog names:

An excellent book on dog names is: The Big Book of Pet Names - an indepth guide to pet names and their meanings.

There are some truly excellent sites specialising in dog names:

Have fun reading through the above lists of popular dog names.