Dog Pictures

If you have a special dog picture you'd like to share with others, feel welcome to submit your photo by emailing it to me here
Enjoy reading the stories accompanying these dog pictures.


Here is a beautiful picture of "Dog", from Ken G. An Aussie cattle dog and much loved part-time house pet who unfortunately suffered from arthritis. Ken has written Web surfing in plain english.


This is Bubba, he is 3 years old and loves everybody. Likes to hide keys and things. (From BLM)


The next three pictures are from Pat who supports K9 Vaccination Concern / Australia

An ACD X Kelpie. Acquired from a refuge when 4 months old. Photo taken when the dog was 11 years of age after several years spent in the Australian Outback where he and I had many, many adventures.


Mixed breed. Another rescue, Tyra was acquired when he was almost 6 months old. Matured into a magnificent, noble and very 'deep' dog. Words are inadequate to describe some things in life and such a being was Tyra. He was a spiritual 'teacher'.


GSD X Rottie X Kelpie. Another rescue. Nikki had been a street vagabond at 6-8 weeks and survived death row at the municipal pound before I acquired her when she was about 4 months. A real challenge in her youth because she now had a proper home and appeared intent on making up for all she'd missed out on up to that time. Subsequently passed Amrex Training, has her Canine Good Companions Certificate, completed formal Obedience training - winning many first prizes along the way and won first prize in every serious or fun competitions at everything she was entered into at community dog events. Has featured in book, magazine and newspaper articles and was chosen by our state Local Government Department to help promote its review of the Dog Act. Very nearly died from her last booster vaccination but after 18 months is now back to her normal self.

Spike dog picture

Spike was Scott's birthday present in 2003. We even moved house to get a backyard big enough for a dog. He spends a lot of time with me while I work on the PC. We both like peace and quiet, cuddles, and lots of snacks. A true gentledog.

A big thanks to all loving dog people who cared for their dogs and want to remember them online by sharing their dog pictures.