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Dog Toilet Training

Take advantage of a dog's natural toilet habits which include:
- going where other dogs go
- going at certain times
- avoiding their sleeping area

Some dogs will learn quickly in days, while others may take weeks or months.

Puppies can begin to be toilet trained from the moment they come home.

If your dog is sleeping inside, make sure he has an area away from his bed for him to relieve himself. Even the other side of the room. Don't make it a general pile of papers, or else he will treat your special Sunday papers as a portable toilet.

Puppies usually want to relieve themselves after eating, after play and just before or after a sleep.

So it is up to you to watch your puppy, and try to get him to his toilet before an accident happens. Before he pees, say the word "toilet" several times. As soon as he starts peeing, praise him.

If you catch your puppy in the middle of an accident, scold him with a change in your voice. Don't get physical. Then take him to his real toilet, encourage him to pee, and praise him when he does.

When cleaning up after an accident, avoid disinfectants containing ammonia, as the puppy will confuse it with another dog's smell, and will return to mark the territory afterwards. Choose cleaners with smells such as citronella or eucalyptus.

If a formerly-toilet-trained dog starts to have accidents inside, it is usually because of a change in the environment or social status. Use the same training procedures, with a little more patience.