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The Dogs Australia section of Dogs Only is specifically for dogs in Australia. Other parts of the site contain general dog information for dogs anywhere in the world, and may also include US and UK dog companies such as DogToys and Samburu, who will happily export their products to Australia. They really do have some nice stuff that's hard to resist. After all, your dog deserves it.

The following pages contain Australia-specific information about dogs.

For dog resources that are location-related, the info is broken up by state, so you can find the best place for dog holidays in Australia, local dog boarding kennels in Australia, local dog walkers and pet sitters in Australia, local Australian dog trainers and dog breeders.

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Dog Australia News

Queensland's inaugural Assistance Dogs Australia (ADA) "Dog's Breakfast" is on Sunday September 25 2005 at the Brisbamce Powerhouse Park. Registration is at 9am, with Adults $15 and Concessions $10, featuring Best Dressed Dog competition, Best Trick competition, raffles, food stalls, and free breakfast for participating dogs courtesy of IAMS.

Dogs Australia

The profile and prevalence of dogs in Australia seems to be rising year by year, as more people come to realise the pure pleasure of being a companion to a dog.

Australian newspapers delight in writing articles about the extremes people go to to pamper their dog. Finding the most expensive dog collar, matching dog and companion outfits, dog chauffeurs, sleeping and eating arrangements, all seem entertaining to non-dog people.

A little known secret is the networking that goes on in dog parks around Australia. Dog owners can instantly discover things in common, shared delights and mishaps. Dog people seem to be less concerned with appearances and other silly materialistic issues. A loving dog will definitely change your life for the better.

Having not had a dog as a child, I can honestly say that getting a dog for my boys was the best thing we ever did. Easier than a new baby, lots of fun, honest, loyal and loving. Do your research and get yourself a great dog companion in Australia.