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Learning to Come

As for other commands, start teaching this one during the feeding process. Reward your dog when he comes at the command "Come".

For the next step, with your dog on the lead, turn around and walk to the end of the lead. Face him, and say "Come". If he doesn't come, tug a little on the lead to give him the hint. When he is in front of you, tell him to "Sit" and reward him with praise or food.

When your dog has completely mastered the Come command while on a lead, start trying it in your backyard without a lead. From an ever-increasing distance, while facing your dog, issue the "Come" command, and ensure that he comes straight towards you and sits directly in front.

When he has mastered it off-leash in your backyard, progress to trying it in a park where there are other distractions. If your dog does not come, use reverse-psychology and run in the opposite direction. This is usually enough to make your dog want to come and play with you.

Never tell your dog to "Come" only to punish him, as that would be negative reinforcement. And always reward him with at least a pat, to make it worth his while.