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Learning to Stay

This exercise should be taught as soon as your puppy comes home.

When you are about to feed him, hold your puppy in the sit position, and say "Stay". Cuddle and stroke him until he is calm, and after a few seconds, let him eat his meal, and pat and praise him while he eats.

Do this for every meal until he learns to sit and stay and wait for the food to be placed on the floor before he begins to eat.

When your dog has mastered the "Come" command, combine training for Come and Stay together.

The Stay command is best combined with a hand signal in the traditional stop position. Facing your dog, start with your hand just in front of his nose, say the word "Stay" and walk backwards, looking at him.

Then practise issuing the command, and turning your back as you walk away.

Finally increase the distance at which you issue the Stay command.